We carry your dreams from the port of the product to the port of your goals

About Our Company

Al-Alawi Commercial works is interested in exporting plant, Sudan’s origin and works according to food safety regulations and international standards.

It also owns an integrated system of safe supply chain systems, Al-Alawi Commercial Works is headquartered in Khartoum, in addition to the Arabic gum factory for cleaning and processing Hashab gum Arabic and mechanical powder in Soba Industrial Zone and the Peanut Production Factory (HPS) in Al-Bagir.

And Sudanese Peanut Meal.

And also in Gadaref City , it has a smart partnership working in the procurement of high quality white sesame (Gadaref quality) and the sorghum crop.

And in the city of Al-Obayed, it has agencies for the purchase and cleaning of Hashab and Talha gum arabic, as well as Senna Pods, hibiscus, Baobab and Watermelon Seeds.

It has an office in Al-Nuhud City that works on purchasing Hashab gum and Acacia gum, as well as having an office for logistics services in Port Sudan.

Al-Alawi Commercial Works, carry your dreams from the port of the product to the port of your goals right on time.

Work description

Al- Alawi is a business name in Sudan that has been in operation since 2008, it exports agricultural and forestry crops and various agricultural products that characterize Sudan to several Arab, Asian and European countries.

Branches and Partnerships:

We have an integrated system of secure supply chain system, a factory for cleaning Kibbled Gum Arabic and mechanical Powder in Soba Industrial Zone and a Spray-Dried Gum Powder Processing factory, a factory for the production of peanuts (HPS), peanut oil, peanut butter and peanut meal in Al-baqir city.

And in the city of gedaref we have a smart partnership that works in the procurement of high quality white sesame (Gedaref Quality) and corn crop with various companies under the supervision of Al-Alawi Office for Commercial Services.

In the city of Al-Obeid, we have agencies for purchasing and cleaning gum Arabic, Hashab and Talha, as well as Senna, Hibiscus, Baobab and Watermelon Seed, all these commercial operations are conducted under the management of Al-Alawi Agencies.

We also have an office in Al-Nohoud city that works on purchases of Hashab gum and Kakamut gum under the management of Al-Alawi’s permanent business representative. We also have a compressor for cleaning and processing Senna plants in Omdurman.

We have achieved a distinguished partnership with Sahara International Company, which works in the field of land transport to provide safe and fast transportation for all crops and their products throughout the states Sudan. We also have a partnership with Jetta Logistic Services Company for port services in Port Sudan.

We have a commercial agent in the United Arab Emirates, which is Xfera General Trading Company LLC.