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Al-Alawi Commercial Works, carry your dreams from the port of the product to the port of your goals right on time.

Our Products

Hashab gum Arabic

We are working to provide all types of gum Arabic hashab, which is one of the finest types of gum Arabic in terms of its ingredients and is produced from hashab trees. Gum Arabic was approved by the American Food and Drug Council in 1974, and studies have proven that gum Arabic is free of toxins.

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Groundnut Kernel (Peanut)

Since Sudan exports about 14% of the world’s peanut production and ranks globally in the export of peanut after the United States of America

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Watermelon seeds

Watermelon seed contains amino acids necessary for some vital processes of the body; it also plays a role in increasing the levels of serotonin in the body which improves the mood. It has a percentage of (tryptophan) which maintains youthful skin and (Lysine) which is important for calcium absorption and collagen formation, and (Magnesium) which helps with heart function.

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Sesame Seeds

We excel in providing white and red sesame and sesame oil, as we provide high quality of white sesame in various cultivation areas in Sudan.

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The human body needs vitamin C daily, because the body does not produce it, so we must consume any food that contains it, such as the fruits of baobab

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Hibiscus Flower

We have been providing our customers with the hibiscus flower, which is one of the flowers used in medical prescriptions that helps treat high blood pressure, high cholesterol, skin and hair care for years in many countries, also the pharmaceutical, cosmetics

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Al-Alawi Commercial works is interested in exporting plant, Sudan’s origin and works according to food safety regulations and international standards.

Al- Alawi is a business name in Sudan that has been in operation since 2008, it exports agricultural and forestry crops and various agricultural products that characterize Sudan to several Arab, Asian and European countries.

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